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US Money Reserves New Face

US Money Reserve was founded in 2001 as a private distributor of varied forms of foreign and domestic (United States) precious metals. Their new and improved website; USMoneyReserve.com, allows for the competitive trade of government issued currencies including platinum, gold, and silver. The complete overhaul and redesign of their website is aimed at the consumer, and reflects the professionalism of the company it represents.


Current company president Philip Diehl is featured prominently in photographs throughout the website as well as many high definition pictures of newly minted currency. Deservedly so, considering Diehl formerly held the position of the United States Mint Director. The revamp of the website not only allows the consumer to purchase precious metals, but also creates an experience of comfort, safety, and education. US Money Reserve prides itself on it’s customer service combined with expert market knowledge of the precious metal trade.


The new website features impressive new options and features for purchasing bullion directly from an online storefront. The online shop also showcases current market prices of precious metals in real-time, allowing the consumer to know exactly what the market value is for the bullion they hold or wish to buy.


Among the new features is a tool deemed the ‘knowledge center’. Here consumers can educate themselves about the minting process, grading, and how to go about safely purchasing high grade precious metals. The Client-Connect advantage offers consumers a way to directly communicate with gold market experts. Offering one on one consultations as well as purchase assistance and offline market dealings. A sincere client relationship is just one of the many reasons that US Money Reserve is now one of the nations largest distributors of gold, silver, and platinum.


Since being founded in 2001 US Money Reserve has helped over 400,000 individuals with the purchase of the finest precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum coins. By recognizing the need of the consumer to be properly educated and guided throughout the purchase or trade of precious metal they have solidified a market niche and created a loyal clientele base which continues to expand. By placing their trust in a veteran market expert many of their clients are now in a profit position today.


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