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Uncovering Contraband in Prison with Securus Technologies

Make no mistake about it, when the inmates in the jail have access to various contraband, they can really make life for me and my fellow corrections officers very difficult. The battle to discover and recover things like cellphones, drugs, and weapons, is something we put a huge emphasis on each and every day.

Our team has a number of checkpoints at the visitor center, making it very difficult for a visitor to get in with contraband and get it in the hands of the inmates. That being said, the system is not fool-proof and things eventually will get to the inmates and in their cells. The next thing that we do is make a number of surprise cell inspections at various times during the day to see if we can recover contraband hidden by our inmates.

These efforts do help, but we felt as team that we just were not doing enough because there should really be nothing in the prison we do not approve. It was around this time that we were being trained to monitor the new Securus Technologies inmate phone system, and training on the LBS software was going to change the way that we discovered the contraband and cleaned up the prison.

When monitoring the calls, even though inmates know we’re listening, they think they are clever enough to hide their words in a way we can’t uncover. Those conversations are no match for the Securus Technologies system. In the last month, we have discovered conversations about drugs being used in cells, alcohol being made in the cells, prescription drugs being sold to inmates, and even weapons being assembled and hidden in the yard. Our efforts using the Securus call system have but a hug stop to the flow of contraband in our prison system.

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