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Securus Technologies: Helping American Prisons Through Communications Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of those companies that pay an extremely close amount of attention to what their customers have to say. The company believes that its clients are always right and that they should respect what they request provided that it is within their permissible provisions. Securus Technologies is a company that specializes in offering top of the line communications services to incarceration facilities all over the country. The company tries its best to stay at the top of the competition to constantly provide their customers with services that they would not be able to get elsewhere. The company takes pride in being the best, and should, considering the amount of time they have spent getting there.

Securus Technologies first started on this journey of becoming one of the best when it entered into a merger with T-Netix. At the time, both the corporates were at the top of the communications sector, and therefore shared the position equally. However, both the companies knew that a merger would mean a broader customer base and potentially more profits. By monopolizing the market, they would be able to make a bigger impact than anyone else, which is why the company underwent with this decision. Rick Smith was one of the people leading the charge at this organization and was the person who brought on the merger with T-Netix. Since then, he has taken over as the CEO for the company and has been working at the position ever since.

Because of the nature of the services that they provide, Securus Technologies has to make sure that no one tries to misuse the privileges that they get. The company offers round the clock monitoring systems which track all the calls that are being placed and also provide those to judicial proceedings if need be.



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