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Richard Mishaan Design is New York’s Top Firm

There is certainly no shortage of interior designers in New York, but Richard Mishaan Design is different from all of the rest. First of all, along with offering traditional interior design services, Richard Mishaan Design also offers architecture and landscaping design. If you are looking for someone who can help you create the perfect home from start to finish, Richard Mishaan Design is a good choice.


Upon taking a look at the Richard Mishaan Design website, you will have the option to take a look at Richard Mishaan’s impressive portfolio. He puts a focus on a streamlined and luxurious modern look, which is something that shines through when you look at his work. From vacation homes in the Hamptons to tiny NYC apartments, Richard Mishaan has worked with a host of different canvases and is always able to provide amazing results.


Throughout his career, Richard Mishaan has become known as one of the industry leaders in the interior design world, both with Richard Mishaan Design and with his other work, such as the two books on interior design that he has authored. Whether you are looking for someone who will help with designing your home or if you’d just like to learn how to do it yourself by reading his books, he is an excellent resource.


Along with being showcased on his website, Richard Mishaan’s work has also been seen in Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Forbes and many other highly respected publications. He also has several collections that you can choose from if you’d like to purchase art, light fixtures and home decor items with a Richard Mishaan touch.



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