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New York easing the stress of finding legal help

Finding a lawyer in New York has now gotten easier thanks to the New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service. Whatever the issue is whether whether it be a criminal matter, child custody matter, writing your will, and help with a landlord-tenant matter. The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service has created an online service portal for those seeking a lawyer.


This service is confidential and open 24 hours a day. . Individuals can still use the LRIS phone service if they want to. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service was created to be a low stress way to find legal help. New Yorkers will be matched with lawyers who have been properly vetted by the New York State Bar Association and are in good legal standing. The New York State Bar Association launched the online service with help from Legal.io, which is a nationwide provider of referral management tools for the legal industry.


Lawyers can set the delivery of services to a larger number of people at a low cost and to create the go-to online destination for New York consumers and businesses who rely on New York laws. The service works by individuals who seek a lawyer fill out a confidential questionnaire describing their issue and location. The New York State Bar review the answers and matches the person with a lawyer who has an office in the same community.

Referrals are free but if they talk to an attorney who they were referred to are charged $35 for 30-minute consult.


One lawyer that is waiting to help anyone is Jeremy Goldstein. He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. Goldstein has been involved with many of the largest corporate transactions in the last decade, including the merger of Phillips Petroleum Company with Conoco Inc.

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He often writes and lectures on legal issues such as corporate governance and executive compensation. He has been talked about in several financial magazines including Financial Times and Bloomberg.


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