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Madison Street Capital Plays the Advisory Role in the Amalgamation of The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value

Madison Street Capital (MSC), a global investment banking firm that serves the middle market, played the advisory role during the recent merger between DCG Software Value and The Spitfire Group. DCG Software Value is an international provider of software estimation services, software value management and function point analysis. DCG amalgamated with The Spitfire Group, a consulting firm in the business-oriented technology sector, based in Denver. The deal was made public by Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital. The full details of the transaction headed by Jay Rodgers were however, not disclosed.




Charles Botchway, MSC’s CEO, stated that both these companies had exceptional and well experienced teams managing them. They include Mike Harris, the CEO of DCG Software Value and the CEO of The Spitfire Group, Mark Rictermeyer. Mr. Botchway added that it was indeed a pleasure working with both companies, who are leaders in the Business IT industry. Harris on his part noted that from the very first minute they engaged MSC, Jay Rodgers’ team offered them nothing but the most thoughtful insight and powerful analysis. He added that together with Mark, they would continue working with the MSC team in order to find more innovative ways of assisting their clients increase the value of their software.


About Madison Street Capital


MSC is a global investment banking firm that is fully committed in headship, veracity, brilliance as well as service in the delivery of its various services. Madison Street Capital reputation precedes the firm in the delivery of corporate financial advisory, financial opinions, valuation services and merger and acquisition proficiency. The firm understands that the sensitivity of time is integral to corporate and it responds quickly and in a tenacious manner as soon as opportunities present themselves. The firm applies the type of approach that mutually benefits the business owners and investors. The firm is well equipped with the required experience and knowledge to match both buyers and sellers with various capitalization structures and financing to various situations that clients encounter.


MSC has identified the emerging markets as the chief driving force of its clients on a global level and therefore focuses a lot on such markets. The firm has also won the hearts of many clients worldwide due to its unwavering dedication to offer the highest professional standards level in its services. MSC has remarkable experience in the areas of corporate governance and financial areas, which propels it ahead of the rest. MSC has regional offices based in North America, Asia and Africa.


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