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Igor Cornelsen Offers Advice on Investing In Brazil

Igor Cornelsen spent a long career investing in the Brazilian market. He rose to prominence in Brazil as a top banker that managed some of the biggest banks in the country, a career from which he has now retired. He has since moved to South Florida but he still loves to offer his expert advice on how to navigate the Brazilian stock market at http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/igor-cornelsen-gives-you-the-basics-on-brazilian-banking-300016901.html.

Brazil offers an attractive market to investors, not least of which because it has over 200 million citizens on Twitter. It also offers opportunities to invest in all of the infrastructure investments that are going on as the country develops, and is one of the largest international food suppliers. Cornelsen, having invested there for years, knows the ins and outs of the savviest way to invest.

He also cautions that there are a lot of regulations in Brazil that can tie up the market. The largest issues are a complex bureaucracy, intricate regulations, and a restrictive labor force. The markets are growing in Brazil but you need to have patience that you will need to cut through a lot of red tape. He also notes that foreign currency transactions are kept under tight control and need to be handled only through authorized banks on snappages.com. He goes on to explain that there is no one single exchange rate as it all depends on what type of transaction you are engaged in. Due to this, you need to always be cautious that you are using the right rate for the right transaction.

In more general investing advice, Igor Cornelsen offers some thoughts. He has commented that you need to start as early as possible as the benefits of compounding interest mostly occur over decades of time. He also says to always diversify your portfolio, so you can take part in the market going up while limiting your risk. Finally, he says that while you can invest on your own he suggests getting and adviser, especially for someone new to investing.

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    May 11, 2017 at 12:43 pm

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