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I Call My Dad Over The Holidays With Securus

I have used Securus for some time to speak to my dad, and I used it this holiday to catch up with him. I know that his sentence is quite long, and I wanted him to have a connection to home over the holidays. This article explains how we used Securus over the holidays to talk.


#1: I Downloaded Securus


I downloaded the Securus app because it was the simplest device to use for calling the jail. They let us see my dad over the video feed, and I have had many calls with him this way. It feels good to see him, and I know he sees us because he gets excited every time we start the calls.


#2: How Do We Speak


The app uses the speaker on my phone, and we prop my phone up when we are speaking to him. The camera lets all of us get in the shot, and he may sit in front of the camera where we may see him. He uses the basic receiver to talk, and it is as if we are in the jail talking to him. I much prefer this to driving 18 hours to get to the jail.


#3: Setting Up My Account


I set up my account on Securus in a few moments, and I had someone with their staff help me when I was confused. We found information for calling my dad, and I felt much better knowing we may call when we want. The jail was good enough to allow the cameras in, and we see him clearly every call.


I appreciate Securus because I know they are doing good work connecting people across the country. We needed a way to call my dad, and we spoke to him knowing he needed our voices this holiday.

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