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EOS Lip Balm Takes ChapSticks Place in the Oral Care Industry

Lip balms used to feel stale, like picking up a small cylinder that was tasteless grease to apply to your lips so that they will feel smooth and moisturized. This industry was led by Chapstick and Blistex, which has been around forever. And the only variety you could get was cherry or mint. But everything changed about 7 years ago. EOS lip balm exploded on Walgreens with its pastel orbs of flavorful goodness. It had flavors like honeydew, passion fruit, and grapefruit.

Soon after that, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus was spotted pulling out these pastel orbs from their makeup bags and using them. Beauty industry magazines like Allure and Cosmo have multiple ad sections display the colorful goodness. This pushed EOS lip balm into the number two spot behind Burt’s Bees, surpassing the century long competitors.

Kline Research has studied EOS Lip Balms growth and is estimating its net worth to skyrocket to over $2 million dollars by the year 2020. Consumers want the all natural, organic products and EOS specializes in just that. The company didn’t build up a lot of hype about their products and they did that on purpose. Their sole purpose was to create the products and distribute. They didn’t market like other companies tend to do in the beginning stages. Sanjiv Mehra, the founder of EOS lip balm says that they are now opening up to consumers on what their values as a company stand for verses having done that in the beginning. Growth is what is opening the EOS brand up, letting the consumers know more on a personal level. While it wasn’t easy getting into stores, because companies seen people as a creature of habit. But all it took was one store taking the chance and others soon followed.

For more product information, please visit EvolutionofSmooth.com.

For a more in-depth look at EOS, look here.

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