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Elements That Have Factored Into The Success Of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health, just like any other company, is an institution which attributes its success in its strong leadership. At the Apex of this business, are two devoted people who have dedicated their lives to ensure that all operations at InnovaCare Health run smoothly. These people are none other than the CEO Rick Shinto and the Chief Operating Officer by the name of Penelope Kokkinides. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance

Before coming to InnovaCare, Dr. Richard Shinto used to work at Aveta Inc. where his primary function was to lead the institution as its president and CEO. He has also worked for corporations like NAMM California in the capacity of the Chief Medical Officer, Medical Pathways Management Company as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer, MedPartners as the company’s vice-president, and also as a Chief Medical Officer at the Cal Optima Health Plan. Just before Rick’s career began, he started as an intern and pulmonologist in the South of California.

Shinto also possesses a Bachelor of Science degree received at the University of California, an MBA from the University of Redlands and a medical degree from the State University of New York. On the other hand, Penelope has had his fair share of success. Presently, he is the Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare Health. Before this, she used to be the Chief Operating Officer for InnovaCare. Also, she served Aveta Corporation in the capacity of a Chief Operating Officer and clinical operations vice-president.

Over her more than twenty years of service in the health industry, Kokkinides has worked for institutions like Centerlight HealthCare as President and Chief Operating Officer. She has also been the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone health and the vice-president to AmeriChoice. Before Penelope started working, she has prepared herself enough for a successful medical career by being serious with her studies.

Penelope’s determination paid off, and now she is a proud holder of a Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences plus classical languages, an MA in social work, another master’s degree in public health and a post master’s degree in alcohol and drug abuse.

Due to exemplary work, Richard Shinto has been fortunate enough to win the Access to Caring Award. The Access to Caring Award was given to Dr.Shinto mainly because he had been keen to see to it that minority groups also benefit from quality health care. Thus, Shinto and Penelope have been the pillars that hold InnovaCare Health in place. Learn more about the company at Businesswire.com

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