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5 Things to know about Securus technologies

You move up and down searching for best criminal and civil justice service providers. Go no further than Securus Technologies. It offers you the appropriate solutions when it comes to monitoring any wrong doings. You should also factor in Securus when you need the finest investigation, safety and correcting services. All this aims at assuring

Uncovering Contraband in Prison with Securus Technologies

Make no mistake about it, when the inmates in the jail have access to various contraband, they can really make life for me and my fellow corrections officers very difficult. The battle to discover and recover things like cellphones, drugs, and weapons, is something we put a huge emphasis on each and every day. Our

Become A Part Of A Leading Network Provider With Securus Technologies Today

Securus Technologies customers were adamant about keeping fees low by spotting recent irregularities and preventing a telecommunications crime. Securus was able to use their surveillance and monitoring to immediately resolve the errors. Their transparency and accuracy rates are one of the top reasons they have continued to be the largest growing network provider in the

Securus Technologies Leading The Safety Pack

It is no wonder that Securus Technologies leads the pack in the safety industry. They are known all over the world for their exceptional work, and all across the country, their technologies are used for the protection of the pubic. This is of great importance to the company, and they strive to make even better

I Call My Dad Over The Holidays With Securus

I have used Securus for some time to speak to my dad, and I used it this holiday to catch up with him. I know that his sentence is quite long, and I wanted him to have a connection to home over the holidays. This article explains how we used Securus over the holidays to