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Brown Agency Offers Central Texas Models Job Opportunities While Living at Home

Wilhelmina Austin has acquired the Heyman Talent-South organization and they have combined to create the new Brown Agency. The two largest talent agencies for models in the entire area of Dallas, Texas coming together will provide more options to models living in the area than they would have ever had before if they worked with only one of these agencies without the other. The presence of modeling in Texas makes a great step forward for models who want to work in that industry without having to pick their lives up and move to Los Angeles to pursue their dream of full-time modeling work.

The Brown Agency will be headquartered in Austin with more offices located in Dallas.

This company will allow the models to travel to Los Angeles to participate in shows and find work, but allow them to live the rest of the time in Dallas, Texas without sacrificing the lifestyle that they have come to love in Dallas. This allows these models to live near family or allows them to stay in the state where they grew up and near the people they already knew. This combination to create the Brown Agency has allowed it to become a full-service agency is an internal part of growth and strategy to help the talent to be able to do work on a larger scale than they would be able to provide work for these models if just one or the other agency worked with them., but had not merged to work together to provide their models with the best opportunities. Many models work in LA but come home to Dallas or Central Texas to live when they are not working and doing shows, commercials, shoots, or any other type of work they are involved in.

Combining and providing these opportunities for these models is something that would not have been possible if the companies had stayed separate. The Brown Agency is in Central Texas and has sent models to work for some of the largest brands in the world including Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton, and 1000s of other known companies. The Brown Agency saw these companies combine and launch under their official name the Brown Agency in September of 2015.

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