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Bridget Scarr – on topic article

If you’re not familiar with Bridget Scarr, she is an executive producer with Colibri Studios, a content development studio established in 2000. Colibri is a content development studio that is predicated on creating, sharing, and executing stories. The studio works collaboratively with various partners and global production companies to deliver content across different platforms, with the purpose of generating an audience for their clients. Bridget Scarr earned a BA (Hons) Drama degree from Rhodes University (a public Research University in South Africa) in 2004. Upon completing her studies, Scarr promptly began her career in broadcast.


Prior to her role with Colibri Studios, Scarr held a number of positions within the broadcasting industry; in fact, she has more than 15 years of experience in production, which encompasses television, animation, and advertising. According to her Linkedin profile, Bridget Scarr began her career with Urban Brew Studios (a South African independent television production company), in 2005, as a production manager. In 2007, Scarr joined Ogilvy and Mather, an advertising, marketing, and public relations agency in New York, serving as a television producer. Scarr continued to broaden her knowledge base, and gain industry experience, by landing a series of highly sought after roles with prominent media companies, before joining Colibri Studios in 2016.


Scarr regularly expresses her zest for working in the broadcast sector; in fact, according to an article in ideamensch.com, Scarr points to her previous career as a television producer, as the impetus for her choice in pursuing a career with Colibri Studios. Additionally, Scarr claims that her desire to “bring other peoples ideas to life” as a great motivator in her profession, and believes that Colibri Studios is the perfect work environment for her creativity. In her role as executive producer of Colibri Studios, Scarr often draws on her years of industry experience, to help bring ideas to life. Scarr describes her creative workflow as combining technology-based thinking, along with research, to generate stories that audiences will find engaging, while simultaneously generating a buzz around her client’s product, business, or idea.


So what’s next for Bridget Scarr? The enterprising executive producer has her eyes on virtual reality technology and has plans to incorporate this technology into story telling, which will provide a truly immersive experience for her clients and their customers. According to an article in Ideamensch, Scarr sees virtual reality as another way to manifest an idea; in addition, Scarr believes virtual reality possesses health benefits and can also improve education.


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