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Betsy DeVos Makes A Personal Commitment To Help Others

There are many people in the world who need help. For many of these people, help is hard to find. The way that a lot of people in need are able to get help is through charities. People go to charities to receive help in many cities both large and small. Charities play an important role in helping people because charities are equipped and structured to provide assistance to people in need. One of the main ways that charities are able to help people in need is by receiving financial contributions from people.

The financial contributions received by charities allow charities to be able to help people who have various needs. Many charities are able to take modest contributions given by people to accomplish some of the goals that are made by the charities. Although small contributions looked at individually may not be able to help a lot of people, charities are able to receive many small contributions that add up to a significant amounts of money to help people in need.

There are some people who are able to give more than small financial contributions to charities; one of these people is Betsy DeVos. She is recognized as a generous giver to charities and other organizations. In her lifetime, Betsy DeVos has given millions of dollars to various charities. Along with her husband Dick DeVos, the couple has given over 139 millions dollars to charities over the years.

Betsy DeVos has numerous causes that she supports. One of the main causes that she supports is the education of young people. Betsy DeVos believes in education. She feels that every child deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education. The economic situation of a child or where the child lives should not impact the ability of a child to get a good education. Visit their foundation at dbdvfoundation.org

Betsy DeVos has supported quality education for children over several decades. She understands many aspects of the education process and what is needed to improve the educational system. She is a supporter of school vouchers and feels strongly that school vouchers are an answer to many of the problems in the education system.

Betsy DeVos has made a name for herself by helping others. She is known in many communities for her generous help. Beyond helping others through financial assistance, Betsy DeVos has made a name for herself as a businesswoman. She has served on several boards, and she has been the chairperson of the Windquest Group. Betsy DeVos currently serves as the Secretary of Education.

Betsy Devos is a woman with compassion and a desire to help people in need. She has given willingly of her time and money to help many causes and charities. An excellent communicator who is able to convey her thoughts to others very well, Betsy DeVos stands as someone who gives people an opportunity by helping them to be able to help themselves.

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