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Archives for May 2017

Arthur Becker Swings Investing Focus to Bio Tech

Arthur Becker is undoubtedly one of the most successful entrepreneurs in New York City right now. His work has spanned several different industries while finding success in several different states, as well. Now, Becker seems focused more than ever to grow up his new company: Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners is an investment firm that

EOS: A Small Startup Blowing Up to Massive Growth

Chap stick was considered a unisex item, used by both men and women, similar to toothpaste or cleanser. But, as Evolution of Smooth (EOS) founders, Sandriv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, found, lip balm was overwhelmingly utilized by ladies as part of their daily habits. In all research studies, customers they addressed clarified that they would

Karl Heidecks Career And Strengths

The changing market requires companies to protect themselves from the risk of litigation. Litigation financing gives a company the ability to protect themselves from lawsuits. Litigants with claims of two million or two billion can now find financiers to back their claim. The biggest challenge is companies who do not want to be labeled as